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Wine-tasting atmosphere

As we have expereienced in the past years, every single wine tasting is different. Every group of friends and every person is different, but we want to host every guest of ours in a way that expresses familiar, home like hospitality within our winery. This is a place where the visitor encounters relaxed, warm welcome, and a place where it is simply great to linger on, to enjoy a sense of timeless pleasure in a cosy, informal atmosphere. All of our visitors have been able to achieve this relaxed state of mind after the first sip of wine – no wonder: this desired tranquility is reflected by the place itself. As a consequence we recommend to make an appointment in advance, so that we can guarantee the above described experience for every visitor of ours.



Vineyard tour


We live and grow our grapes in a mysterious place. The witness mountains, the old vineyard sheds, the curving rows of vines, the peacufully feeding kettle, but even the fallen leaves of the walnut tree, the budding flowers and the morning dew twinkling on the grape berries – all of these large and tiny details give the unique atmosphere of our wine estate. We would like to show this amazing land to as many people as possible, thus we frequently organize vineyard tours in our neighbourhood. These excursions accompanied by wine tasting are unforgettable even for the less experienced  nature goers. Of course we never hike too much – to save us from being too tired to taste wine –, but of course the spectacular viewpoints require some effort from the participants. The peak of Tóti hill is one of these spectacular spots. We know that upon returning to the cellar after a good amount of walk dinner and wine tasting feels twice as good as without any physical activities. The perfect relaxation is provided by grigs or other musicians, while the morning alarm is given by birds.