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Sabar Pinot Gris - Az új kedvenced

Sabar Rosé - Nem minden az, aminek látszik!

Sabarémálom (Nightmare on Sabar)

The Trip

Sabar Wine Terrace - open in wintertime!

Épül a Sabarborétum

Sabar Wine Terrace - (Behind the scenes)



It was not conscious at all. The concept of sabarism simply developed somehow and also the name came from you. After a long night spent on the wine terrace, a guest of ours texted us this word. We found it nice and funny, so we started using it in our everyday lives, and at this point, we may be able to finally define what it really means. 


We have been a small winery for ten years, with great plans and great wines. Many of you have been regular visitors to Sabar Hill almost from the beginning, and some of you even take our wines with you to ski. :-) More and more people like spending time here with a growing family and a growing circle of friends, and sometimes you celebrate important anniversaries with us. When you are here, it is like spending college years together. The most essential thing is being together, laugh and share experiences, just like back in school. This is what sabarism means to us. Relaxed and cheerful moments, days, tearful laughs, emotions, tranquility.


We know you, sabarists.


We don’t know your biographical information, but we know how good it feels to ease up here after a hard week. Or to just lay your eyes on the clouds for long minutes. To drink a few glasses of wine that flows into your body like the water of life. To talk with strangers for hours, then think of them as friends on the way home. And then to wait for another day to come when we can catch up right where we’d left off in the world of Sabar, a peaceful place without the evergoing competition of the outside world.  


Sabarism is a trend that brings human well-feeling, the joy of spending time together, laughing and relaxing without social glaze, back into fashion again.